"Girl in her Twenties," Writer-Director-Actor

Logline: In this comedy-drama with a modern twist, meet Allison in three moments: her early twenties, mid-twenties, and late twenties, coming together to reveal her ever-changing identities and ever-complicated relationships.

Festivals: HollyShorts Film Festival, Carmel International Film Festival, Female Eye Film Festival (Nom. Best Short Film), Cannes Short Film Corner

GIHT has not only been nominated for awards and screened at Grauman’s Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, it also gained distribution on both IndieFlix and Bitpix.

PRESS Watch Reedy’s interview on InDTV about how “Girl in her Twenties” relates to feminism, both men and women, and nostalgia:
Below: Reedy attending GIHT screenings at Toronto, Carmel, USC, & Grauman’s Chinese Theatre: Below: Behind the Scenes on the set of "Girl in her Twenties": Below: Pre-production on GIHT! Reedy with GIHT Casting Director Charlene Lee (“Fargo” and “The Secret Life of Walter MItty”) (left), and in the ADR booth with co-star Zack Cosby (right):

  • Role Writer-Director-Actor

  • Type Short Film (Comedy-Drama, Romance)

  • Starring: Amy Reedy, Zack Cosby, Jessica Richards

  • Date 2015

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