"Dandelion Dead" Book Trailer, Writer-Director

This Book Trailer for Reedy’s upcoming novel “Dandelion Dead” stars Kelsey Reinhardt (Transparent) and Justin Cone (Glee),

Synopsis: This post-apocalyptic romantic-thriller tells the story of two captive “wives” of the prison-like Camp Niño: Charlie, a defiant young woman, and Chandler, a downtrodden yet resilient teenage boy. In conspiring to be together, the pair must overcome their subjugation and find their power in an unjust society, before it’s too late.

They’ll do anything to be together, but will they lose themselves – and each other – in the process of just trying to survive? In this raw enigma of love triangles, Stockholm Syndrome, secret codes, and unplanned murders, welcome to boy meets girl under the most twisted of circumstances.

Below: Reedy directs the kiss scene during a Jackson Hole sunset. To watch in high-def 4K, visit the Official Website or watch on YouTube below:

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